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Break neck;
cracking it, once it's stiff...

Breakneck thoughts;
a breakneck heart,
faulty start, faulty start...

Breakneck pacing;
breakneck sadness;
breakneck internal turmoil;
as every thought is soaked in oil.

Breakneck speed;
how it takes a split second.
For happiness and hope of love;
to either take or receive. 

Freedom lost at a breakneck velocity...
That's me, it's me, it's always me...
Thoughts to be;
always less of me...

Breakneck falling;
no gracing.
Gravity rehearsing;
toss the anvil, now he's really falling.

Drowned, choked, tossed away...
Are they really my life?
They say I need therapy;
but will that actually help??

Ridicule, the don't be with him;
he won't love you like I do...
He'll never amount to anything;
don't choose him...

Holding grudges,
no, I always apologize...
Even if it's not my fault.

Breakneck goes all of it;
in repeat, on repeat.
In breakneck timing. 


  • Jan 10, 2024

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