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“My Troubled Mind”

1. For when I am sick
I will see the Lord,
for when my mind is thorned I will hear Him.
2. Though another op rumbles against my thoughts as I sleep though the Lord will save me. 3. As ghosts paralyze me in fear of my rest the Lord I call in my dome and in my heart; for when I call He will fight with me against these intruders that terrorize my sleep. 4. So let this weary mind rejoice in the Lord for He is my rest.

5. Though the devil may be like Christ for he is not,
though he may sound like Christ,
for he is not. 6.
though he may move like Christ,
for he is an imposter of the truth for which he distorts through mediums,
Forbid a psychich to cross over; for what they perceive as light is deception through that cherub, who used to be light but micmics the true LIGHT thereof. 7. Let the spirits of death consume them along with mammon (spirit of money) let their sages be the gates of the earth;
For the earth is cursed! 8. But let the Alpha begin a new work in you throughout the nations. 9. As Jesus the Elohim of all nations as Christ has greeted ‘Moses’ in the burning bush, let these plagues be over the witches for their own war is against them. 10.
Let the Yoruba be bound in uttermost darkness of slavery to their own selves as the abuser is the father of them;
So shall they abuse and kill one another as their own smoke is against them they shall be carried away by fire, and the mountains will shake and rumble against these wicked men as of the day of Jasher and the day of Enoch and the day of Noah and the day of Lot. 11.
Shall they sing the songs of ancient spirits that were cursed by their rebellion shall their fame perish with them for they are enmity with Jesus!

12. For those who denies the Lord is under a spell; not of the Lord, but of wizards who deceive and detest satan’s power against him for Satan is the accuser of himself for he accuses all God’s creations and has shaken all nations to fall and accuse itself for the world hates itself,
For the world follows the father of lies and holds firm affirmation to it’s own shortcomings; for the earth is cursed and forever unhappy.

13. He walks besides me on lonely waters,
He assumed me from the watery graves.
He brought down every beast of the seven seas. Neptune has bowed before him in awe and tremble beneath His Word, in fallen to the sea he is kept under trenches of darkness, for Michael has defeated that wicked Leviathan to his burial, Let the God of lords bring down triton to the ring of fire he blows from the volcanoes devouring the lands of ‘Maui’ for the heathens know not the Lord for the idols of man has perished! 14.

Through His great power; 
His majesty as of an eagle who crushes the head of a serpent. 15.
His foot bruises the head of a spider,
He gave up the ghost to live forever more-
      with great dignity and glory
He brought every creature of the sea,
And has risen me in a pillar of fish.
16. I once was in a lonely place,
Until His Ruach has found me. (17.)
        He annoints my head with water and ointments; He lays me down to sleep.18.
He will bring His wrath upon the nations, as He lifts me from a dream.


“Great Is Thy Power”

I faint in your presence,
For ‘GREAT’ is your power Omega of the universe! (20.)
I look up at the heavens and I tremble before thy splendor; 
for the craft of your hands and the dust of thy feet are beyond my will,
Let thy will be in me O’ Elohim for are greater than my ancestors. 21.
You speak to the heavens with great authority. 22.
You have knitted the cosmos in your hands & has blown everything like dust by your mighty Word. (Genesis 1:1, John 1:1, Hebrews 1,)

23. For the Ruach has spoken-
Thus says the Lord

“You who trembles in fear,
Worship Him!”

“Let man lie in the heat, when thou sayest in your heart-    

                      ‘Lord I am falling apart’
“No keep faith!”           says the Spirit
“For this generation are a fickle, how can you say you love your wife but hate her?” 27.

For if you love the Lord, why hate Him for all He has granted us? 28.

For we are never thankful yet His mind and His will remains the same.

For Jesus is good and forever is righteous,
For He is our spouse but why cheat on Him with foreign lifeless statues?

For Christ is breathing,
God is talking and moving beyond our midsts, but we give praise to the dead which is abominable before Him.


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