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“The Intellect Of Man”

1. Many of us have said,

“Take my will and my life.
Guide me in my recovery.
Show me how to live.”

But though the Lord Jesus is our recovery from all sin, day by day he upholds us in his long-suffering love, for he is not a God to take away his love from us but he is our life and truth.
(2.) He is the Higher Power of all flesh and all things for His Spirit is great within our intellectual conscienceness; for we hear though ourselves and think it is us in our own minds whispering truth in our hearts but though the flesh fights against our minds and our mind against our souls for the mind of man is his own spirit. (3.)
But the lower navels is the spirit of the man for in the midst of trouble God’s Spirit is released within your navels; shielding thee from iniquity. 

Though we move not according to Christ,
But according to sin, for everything we see is sin and everything we know is iniquity. (5.)
For our lives has been cursed ever since the fall of Adam, but thank GOD! We have the Blessed One, The Christ for whom we put our conscience in him and our dreams in him, for though you are not godly people nor do you know him but yet he blesses you with good things; and he has given you your own strength to make it known to those on the earth; for the world hates the Spirit for they will reap their own graves for they have used the Spirit of many ways in thine hearts and yet still the Spirit never forsaken your heart, for He has made thee innocent before the world. And though others may see naiveness in your courage but, be not a god to them for Jesus is jealous, what God has cursed do not give them your property for they are cursed by the Lord,
They come like rattlesnakes, rattling every sound of mischievous endeavours;
As a beggar they steal what’s of the Lord and blaspheme his glorious grace, for God has kindled against them the fiery coals of His blood against the cursed gods for his blood is like a stench unto them. (6.)
For as he upholds you, keep your blessings discreet, and dress humbly before the Lord and whisper not a sound of your prosperities for these false prophets who boast will every treasure be stripped from them and their lives shall perish before Him.

“Cain’s Divination”

Way before the blood has found us,
We were trapped by the commandments
guilty of soceries and divinations for we were always accused by the accuser whom cursed us in bondage. (7.)
Through Cain, witchcraft was abound in his heart for he stored up rage and hatred within his heart, as the Pharisees and Scribes had stored within them the same divination against the Blessed Savior but yet he has defeated divinations of that rebellious ram,
For when Abraham was called from sacrificing his only son though not a goat was deafeated? (18.)

But though Cain who had persecuted Abel as the world persecuted the Lord of hosts,
So therefore the curse of his own divination was upon him, though God had cursed Cain, though all of Cain’s house was cursed. Though murder is socery, that Cain committed socery against Abel that when Lamech was elder in years, his eyes were demned out by ghosts as Abel’s blood was a stench against him, and born of bloodshed the Lord had turned Cain into an abomination before Him and Lamech had drew his arrows back and defeated the beast for he later known he had smitten Cain, and the curse of the LORD had came upon him and struck him and by then a curse was a flood over all their house.

“The Loyalty Of God”

(19.) Though the world knows no better,
Christ is still LOVE.
Though we mock him,
Though His will is abundant than what we can ask for-
He breaks by every blaspheme and wicked deeds; 
He’s still yet faithful what a loyal God we serve. (10.) For He is Loyal to the world the loyalty of the Lord is forever abundant and His loyalty is more than enough that never ceases from any man; He is loyal to the godly and the ungodly, for His loyalty is forever known throughout the earth, and His garment as like curtains of the skies throughout the storms. (11.) His robe stretches forth across the heavens as His tears of mourning blesses us, yet through our rebellion He weeps; for the godly and the worldly, for those who know him not, He mourns for our souls to run on top of the waves as he walks towards us, though Peter was distracted by his own insecurities the devil had condemned him to go under the sea of sorrow; but drowning in his own sorrows he had called out to God. (12.) And Yahweh, grabbing him by the hand has pitied the doubtful for He comes by faith not sight, your skepticism scourges him 40 times more so why test him? For you are the devil! (13.) Who tried to test him in the wilderness for it was written 

Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.’”        (14.)

(Matthew 4:7, Galatians 6:7, Proverbs 1:26)

(15.) For He will disgrace you before men and put you all to shame for those who questions Him for ‘HE’ is not a questionable GOD for did any man make Him?

Indeed not-

He was & HE IS. (16.)

For the wickedness of a man’s heart
Says “He is a myth!”
Let them be a fool of the world for the world is theirs, for the world is cursed!


“The Son Of Daughters”

For the son of daughters isn’t greater than the ‘Spirit’ for the Spirit’ is greater than he and the Son is greater than the Spirit’ and the FATHER is greater than the Son;
For God is Yahweh in all 3. (18.)
Yet the King of kings is greater than the King of queens for the great Prince among princesses is of sinful 
attire in need of the Son! 
For whosoever defiles a woman defiles the prince, and whosoever defiles the prince, defiles the Spirit’ and whosoever defiles the Spirit’ defiles the Son, and whosoever defiles the Son, defiles THE FATHER! 

For was not David greater than Solomon? (21.)
So Is not Christ greater than I?

For if Jesus was greater than Paul,
Jesus was greater than Rehoboam the son of Solomon, 
For the spirit of Amos rests upon him-

For Jonathan was great before the LORD for the Lord has loved him, and his love was never defiled towards his brother David for he has not defiled David into betrayal of sin; but has loved him after death, for David had mourned over the loss of Jonathan and his father Saul, the love of Jonathan surpassing all the love of women as Eve surpassed her love to Adam but yet iniquity was not found in their hearts for a great friend had loved him at all times though in fear they wept.

(Proverbs 27:17, Proverbs 17:17, Proverbs 18:24, Matthew 8:5-13, Moroni 7:48, 1st Corinthians 12:31, Mark 12:31, Matthew 22:36-40, 1st Samuel 18)

(23.) The fear of the LORD
Is in my heart,
a great war in my mind has set against me. (24.) A criminal fights against me and my heart is vexed,
My spirit trembles; as I fight my thoughts for it has accused me of my sins and destroyed me for my iniquities. (25.) For my mind speaks evil yet my soul rebukes!
(26.) Though my heart speaks no evil, but my mind is cursed! (27.) Any wickedness is rebuked from my thoughts, but, the war is much greater for me to fight. (28.) So my soul is worried, for Jesus is my fortress and my Omega for whom I trust in the name of the LORD! (29.) For Lord, take not thy ‘GHOST’ from my being, but spare me away from death and cover my thoughts with thy affirmations? (30.) Convict me O’ LORD! But condemn the abuser of the soldiers of thy most holy and precious saints of the lands, but let the saints in the heavens rumble against that great ‘dead’. (31.) Rebuke that wicked and proud animal, that plants curses within the minds of man; Lord for my heart nor my spirit speaks speaks any evil against you, but the evil serpent who had planted the seeds may he be demolished!
(32.) Not of myself that I speak no evil, but cursed is the evil one who blasphemes thy glorious power;
Great is his tomb! (33.)For the abuser of Lilith has fallen with her down to hades, for his curse is far beyond worse than the weeping and gnashing of teeth. (34.) for his sin is far too great before Him, for he was a traitor from the beginning.


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