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1. “Solomon’s Prince”

Let these clouds be a crown 

above my head,

As the oceans my covers

For when my soul is cold;

As the sun beams down

A strength comes anew.

And by night, my heart is restored.

But tender are my ways;

Silent is my strength,

As powerful as my tears-

My thorns are molded 

In upmost beauty,

But ‘Fear’ as if the spirit of death

Then cleanse me in shallow waters

As my soul briefly departs

As I lay under the skies. (2.)

Let a prideful man be foolish 

in all his ways for his own wisdom will fall

under distress-

The anger of a man will leave him to ruins,

never a penny to return back to his soil. (3.)

So therefore he is left all alone to his own foolish ways.

But the weak will brawl;

The strong will stand their ground.

The dead will strife but the living will

hold their peace-

But jealousy of a man is his own funeral,

And the ones that hates you are already defeated. (4.)

So do not be arrogant in your own eyes

Or you will be forever deceased in your own

dirt. (5.)

But let every man go their separate ways and may the ones that are ahead are simply behind, and the ones that are behind are ahead. (6.)

But the greed of a man and his selfish gain will burn in his own furnace with many delusions.

(7.) But a prudent peasant in his humility will gain abundance,

So let your own fame be your loss

And let your loss be your riches.

Let your own worship put you to shame

But may His worship favor you.

(8.) Never strike a man

But hold back your heel against he

For if you strike a man

He will give you the wrath of his own heel. (9.)

As for thee my friends of eve

Do not strike a man

But strike him with grace and goodness 

If he shows you no pity

If he persecutes thy mind

Let thy heart leaveth him in his grave

But if you stayeth with him

Either live or die let thy will be yours. (10.)

And for all thee lilies and gazelles 

Of ‘Zigbo’ do not be foolish women of the fields. 

But let thine strengths uplift thee in mercy and tenderness.

Let thine invisible eyes be forever awake

Let thy guts arise to thine hearts as of the beginnings of creation.

Ye are the Helpers of Strength 

Let my strength be a sacrifice to thee

As a sacrifice from He. (11.)

Let not my tenderness make you perish in your lack. 

But let my tender be as strength for ye mothers of the valley.


I am a young stag for ye have raised me in thine bosoms. 


As ye daughters of ‘Roses’

be ye gentle as doves but strong as a lioness. (14.)

Be simple as a grape but wise as owls.

Let not your power compete the kings of this land but let your strength uphold and build them into lads of the days.


Let not a man strike you for thy lips of a ruthless woman for he will be in great  judgment by the guns and fire while His blood is on thine own lips

He pays blood with blood but never  was it to be intended for a lad to strike a daughter for ye are much valuable than to be stricken by a king. (16.)

But, if any king strikes a eve he will be stripped of his crown and his authority for he is not the head.  So my friends keep thy tongues humbled by grace for ye are favored by God.

               (17.) The Lord prepares me for my destinies,

He watches my journeys ahead of me.

                 He plants roses beneath my feet so my steps may be sweet as he guides me by his Ruach.

(18.) He plants my feet before the nations, He greets me with his nature of his creation. (19.) For I am a Bambi without his mother,

A mule without a king.

I am a sultan without pleasure-

But the riches of The King is underwater as I’d sunk down to find them; but I found them cast away from me.

(20.) He opens a door before me

Weak that I am his grace covers my iniquities, 

Lord God Almighty Jesus!

I am overwhelmed by the earth,

Please open a door Of safety underneath your shadow of mercy.

(21.) I have no peace on me; I am afflicted by your judgment.

(22.) For I am a poor sinful prince unworthy of your power,

though wretched in my bones I need your order.

(23.) Lord, take these thorns away from me,

Let not the thistles consume me.

(24.) Make me a daffodil among rocks,

Let your Ruach reign like an umbrella above me.

(25.) Let not your temple be broken by intruders,

keep your sheep from wolves;

as the enemy traps me; you come like a avalanche to rescue me,

For God I am that lost black sheep.

(26.) Now I am wounded and beaten along with you my Lord,

I run after you.

Deliver me O’ Jesus

The GOD of my God? (27.)

Trample down my enemies,

deliver me from my anxieties,

save me from my affirmaties?

(28.) Lord, do not mock me in my afflictions? (29.) But, have mercy on me Oh Son Of David,

(30.) Pass me not O’ Gentle Savior 

O’ hear my humble cry before thee; forgive my doubts and my unfaithfulness?

“Sorrowful Cry”

(31.) If I’ve offended you O’ God please forgive my words.

(32.) If I’d committed a great crime before you,

take away my life!

(33.) Do no op’ me Oh Lord, but forgive my flaws? 

(34.) I don’t deserve thy ear, strike me down for my imperfections.   (35.) REBUKE ME O’ God in my error.

(36.) turn me away from evil.

(37.) Chastise me for my iniquities.

(38.) But take not your Ruach away from me?

The Spirit of the Lord had released to me and said-    

                     “Thou has changed my whole face, thou cannot  heal anything that has already been healed.”

“For the LORD has tooken you out of the deep waters, and HE has pierced your hand for it!”

(39.) “But I have heard every prayer, you’ve prayed, and every song you’ve sang, and I will pay you back with my choice-“

“For I have given you all my love and thou has tooken back your prayers from me, I have not fixed what you kept touching, but I have showed you my heart and all of my love so what else are you lacking?”


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