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I want to write a letter to you about how much I miss every bits of yours, 
That I want to attend those assemblies and recite those prayers once more.

Show up late in the classes and come up with the lamest of excuses,
And boast of being the guy whom for every mess, everyone accuses.

Listen to the weird rules of principal with all our hearts and soul,
But doing exactly the forbidden things like we did not listen at all.

Shifting back to the last benches in the boring lectures,
And discuss about the love affairs of kids and all other mysteries.

Spying sincerely on our best friends' most favourite crush,
And then convince him that she likes her too because she blushed.

Extra hours of Saturday sleeps even knowing about tons of backlogs undone
Yet going for miles of cycle rides and playing cricket in full bright sun.

Then came those scary days before the announcement of term exams,
And I could see kids' face full of chaos and having lost all their calm.

On the result day, toppers danced with euphoria like they were high on drugs,
Mediocre blamed themselves and backbenchers as usual didn't give a damn.

And one day we grew up old enough to say goodbyes to all these,
Goodbyes to those lawns, swings, stairs, benches and the buses.

That's how our blissful days when we lived life to the fullest came to an end,
As if there were an hourglass fixed for this phase which eventually ran out of sand. 


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