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  1. The dreams and visions of Romalis in the year 2023-2024 from his previous dreams of 2020 recounts that one a tropical storm had hit Houston and fear has frightened his heart as he heard the rumbling thunder of the wars in the heavens for he saw the heavens within a dream:
  2. Though as I closed my eyes I seen a ring circle & a little fish escaping the ring; though we were in Christ in our former days, as we grew our hearts has left us to the idols of man; 

 2. Behold! A great prophetess has given birth to power and her womb has opened,

And from her belly streams of living waters

has poured out all power throughout the nations;           

 ( Luke 2:7,- Revelations 12:5, - John 3:16,- Joel 2:28,- Exodus 34:22,- Luke 3:21-22,- Acts 2:1-4)

  1. As arrows flew across the fields her praise was mighty to scare off the rebellious army.        
  2.  (Luke 1:46,- Proverbs 31:25, -Revelations 12:4-5, -Genesis 3:15,  Judith 13:10-18, Psalms 48:11,- 2 Chronicles 20:22,- Psalms 55:9, - Joshua 5:13-6:27)

  1. Though the Lord was in her as she cried out in a mighty voice. 

  2. (Revelations 12:5, -Judith 6:11, Luke 2:7,- 1 Kings 2:28-46,- Mark 13, - Matthew 24:29-31, Joel 2:31, - Acts 2:20, - Revelations 22:7)

  3. Therefore the abuser had came to abuse the Blessed One; He has not prevailed. But yet His own power has taken every blow by force He has attacked back. 

  4. (Revelations 12:4, Matthew 27:24-31,- John 19:28-34, -Galatians 2:20,-Psalm 22:14-16.,- Psalm 34:20,-Matthew 27:46. ,-Romans 8:16-17, Isaiah 53:5-8,)

  1. Therefore I saw the FATHER on his chariot caressing HIS broken heart and before His counsels and angels I have seen the abuser come against the Lord,
  2. Striking him with a blow then I have saw the Son strike back and a Great revolution has broken out in the Great West.

  1. Though the Great Spirit has fought against his agents, though a great rising had fought back the great fallen ones.
  2. And as the nations were fallen, a great plague has broken forth and a great rebellious war has lifted before the skies.

  1. The Lamb had shed his wool over the earth as his love fell like snow upon the grounds-

And though he has brought the bride before his FATHER but HE was furious with her, so HE called forth HIS mighty angels to sound every siren but the Lord has stopped his LORD as Moses stopped God from destroying Israel so has Jesus stopped his own FATHER from or destroying the earth.


And the plague has vaguely ceased from her-

though  set apart from the nations,

I stood before them as I was greeted by animals, I prevailed not;

Though the Lord was with me in 3,

2 of whom had pounced at my back door and behold a stranger was about to come in

And though as the abuser came to take away my life;

the Lord has granted my breath back to me for He has lifted me out of the deep oceans for that He has pierced my hand thrice and had set before me a crooked reed-

  1. The seeds were formed from dust,

The mountains were shaken by trumpets

         and a Great Ark was buried as an old covenant; and a New Ark was the womb.

     But, the new Ark has existed as the  New Ark of the old covenant;

 The New Ark has been buried, but was assumed and behold it has risen with it’s    

   new covenant; for all the nations who have called the Ark blessed, the new covenant        was spilled over the nations.

         13. With it’s own blood,

tears were formed, and rains had fallen upon the lands to cleanse the earth from it’s error & the ghosts of the earth has fled away in terror and a great mystery was discovered in our hearts. And every god has bowed before this great mystery that was slain.                          (Matthew 27:54,- Colossians 2:15,-1st Samuel 5:4,- Exodus 14:28,-Numbers 16:1-40,- Hebrews 1:3-4)

While the Lord was afflicted as he bore his own cross, the ‘Spirit’ had mourned through the weeping women as their Savior bore the sins of the earth;

But the Lord had turned and spoke 

To warm their hearts not to mourn for his mission, but to mourn for this generation who bores sons and daughters of these lands. (14.)

For His power has reigned on us, to keep us from all malice and iniquity. (15.)

All sin was upon him not to mourn, but to grieve for our own iniquities; for he has tested the hearts of man for those who were against him,

Had death come abound on them.

But those who trusted in him for their hearts were at ease but yet the ‘Spirit’ mourned.

(16.) His ‘Ghost’ was kindled against them,

So the one Simon had angered against them;

The ‘Spirit’ had fought against them

And leveled in virtue

So The Lord had given him strength 

To carry his cross. (17.)

But though he had ceased from the Lord

To be crucified.

Yet the Lord has bore our sins. (18.)

(19.) For in this uncommon generation 

We had drank the spells of the abuser

And had abused the herbs of the lands;

So the Lord will fight against you and yet you will be delivered;

But yet you still drink the potions of spells in mixture, and the Lord will still fight against you pushing out every divination from your mouths as you vomit though it was written 

Matthew 15:11

“What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”

(20) But yet ye my generation has poisoned yourselves in intoxications and sorceries of these lands and yet ye are an enemy to God for ye are lovers of this world;

Ye will not enter in the gates of grace. (18)

For her tears are kindled against you,

For ye has crucified her beloved Son, yet again He will fight against you, for ye all part takers of the lust of materials and riches for your riches will perish with you and your covenants will be cut off from you and ye will be separated from your beloveds as Jezebel was separated from Ahab and Ahab was separated from her in death and in death shall you awake never to escape from the lava for your souls are forever cursed!



For ye will become enemies to yourselves and fight against one another 

And He will cause all malice beyond your midsts, for ye will battle and rumble against thy neighbors.(22.)

He will set off alarms in the heavens 

To bring your guilty souls

Into judgment for if ye kill by the guns, ye will perish by the guns.

(23.) For glass will shatter in thine hands

And ye all will be filled with the ghost of fear in your hearts; for ye shall run but will never hide from the Son’s wrath,

For he will deny you before his FATHER and holy angels and he will drop his cross like a tower upon you and your souls will fling across the skies like lightning and ye will never return back to the Father never more for ye all are cursed by divinations.

(24.) We make ourselves idols instead of the Lord, (Psalms 82:6-7, Exodus 34:14, Exodus 22:18, 1st Kings 1:5)

We make the idol of man common

And the riches of this world our peace,

But the Lord is my GOD

For Christ is a jealous God;

No other fallen angel shall take his kingdom for the gods of the world are fallen; (Psalms 96:5, Psalms 95:5, 1 Corinthians 10:20, Gio 2:1)

No god, no man can compare to the supremacy of the Son, for the Son is the heir of all things. (25.)


For which the universe is His name for he is Christ Jesus for everything was made through him including every spirit. (26.) So every spirit and every god of man has fallen before the Omega at the foot of his cross before the foundation of the earth;

Renew your mind daily in Him

For He is all peace and place not your peace on man nor yourselves for you have became idols to yourselves and of mammon(spirit of money) for the world is enmity to God. (Romans 12)

(27.) Though you place your trust in this world you shall never find true peace; for the world’s peace is temporary, and your own joys are nothing but smoke.


But Christ is stable in all his ways rely on stability for God will grant you stableness for the godly who loves the Lord, and for the ungodly who place trust in themselves is it not the Lord who gives you good gifts? 

(29.) Shall you boast, He will take it all away from you; but keep your treasures hidden from the world and keep them discreet for God has given it just for you.

(30.) And that gift is His Son, Jesus Christ; for He loves you beyond fathom.

He will grant every desire you long for in righteousness, shall you ask of the Son, and the Son will give it according to his will.

(31.) For every temple is crooked,

For he has dealt with this wicked building,

But though the altar is covered in his blood of repentance, His Ghost still remains, God forbid if sin still lies dourmant in the church for every temple is unworthy of Him;

But he dwells in every impure temple for His temple is holy and the most pure before the FATHER.

(32.) For the altar of a man is his heart

For if ye hadn’t taken one Lamb and shed it’s blood on thine altars, then ye are cursed and of the world of many curses it brings, but ye have shed it’s blood on thine altar the saint of death shall pass by you for the Ghost’s power is within you for his power is greater in you than that of death in the world,

But let all LIFE sustain you but let not your life be as of mammon(spirit of money) for the necessity of your riches will bless thee but your own foolish greed shall burn you for your eyes are stabbed out by the lusts of this life and your bodies as of maggots for swine for your hearts have become as abominations to the Lord for let ye repent with the blood and stain thine altars red and let your hearts be as pure as rain.



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