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When I first met you I never thought you will be that one person who will complete me
I didn't even know that I was incomplete until you came and filled up the gap
You fit so perfectly that even those who have bad things to say run out of gossips
You made sure that you came and fixed all the broken pieces

People say that I'm too naive 
That I will end up hurt
But what I don't get is how can a mirror that reflects who you are cut you when you didn't break it
I wanna hold you with care just like a royalty servant holding a kings favourite glass
I won't let you go cause that will tear me up 
I don't want to give haters what they want so please hold me close

I don't know if it love cause I don't believe in it 
I just want you to be Imma life until eternity
I don't wanna let you go so soon
Though people will talk but nothing will stop them


  • It’s the most amazing poems I’ve ever heard!!

    Jan 05, 2024

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