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In the chaos of life, she stands so strong,
A girl trying to fix what's gone wrong.
Her heart filled with empathy, a selfless soul,
But in the process, she's losing control.

She's there for everyone, their pillar of support,
But her own needs and dreams, she aborts.
Putting others first, she forgets her own worth,
Burying herself deeper in the chaos of the Earth.

Her smile shines bright, masking the pain,
As she carries the burdens, her own dreams wane.
She's losing herself in the depths of care,
Forgetting that she, too, needs love and repair.

Her kindness knows no bounds, a gentle touch,
But her own self-care, she's forgotten as such.
In the shadows of others, she slowly fades,
As her own desires and ambitions cascade.

Oh, dear girl, take a moment to breathe,
To tend to your heart, to heal and retrieve.
You can't pour from an empty cup, my dear,
Take time for yourself, let your soul reappear.

Embrace your worth, your dreams, and your voice,
For in self-love, you'll find your true choice.
Amidst the chaos, remember your own flame,
And let your light guide you, to find your own aim.

You deserve love, care, and moments of peace,
To let go of burdens and find sweet release.
So, dear girl, be kind to yourself, too,
For in your own well-being, you'll find strength anew.


  • Jan 03, 2024

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