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Stream Of Life   

The same stream of life that runs through my veins…. 
night and day..  

Life Is A Tall, Tender Tree 

For if life is a tall tender tree,  
For then, life is joy, life is free  

As I Watche’d The Ploughman Ploughing  

As I watche’d the ploughman ploughing, Or the sower sowing in the fields-or  
The harvester harvesting  

Yesterday And Today Xii 

The gold-hoarder walked in his palace park and with.. him  
Walked his troubles…

Too Much Of A Good Thing 

‘Too much is a good thing may be bad’
As the old cliche’ goes 

A Tapestry For Life 

The weaving 
Of many….

A Real Addition 

Out of love 
I can take tricks and schemes 

This Is My Life 

Life defines in Metabolism, 
In reproduction,…….


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