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To wake up
After a cross over
Into a new year....

Lord I thank You
For it all
At times I was unsure
But I risked it all

Some pain along the way
Tears rolling down my face
All I could do was count the days
So many times it was hard to pray

But I had no choice 
So I chose to get up
So many tried to take my voice
And tried to keep me stuck

Old ways won't change new locks 
A new path trodden
I'm not staying in the box
No my hearts no hardened 

When I said find another one 
After 15 years
Please do just that
Loyalty has never paid my bills

I walked away from family
Same as I done with you
They meant the world to me
You made me choose

I'm over it
I've moved on
Keep talking your shit
This isn't a love song. 


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