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The night brings about many lights, the woman a man loves shines the brightest in his eyes. 
Perfection we'd love to have it, but imperfection in  women and men a worthy prize. 
Our flaws, scars and awkwardness makes us unique, if only our words remain true whenever we speak. 
Time's of the essence to love and be loved is a blessing, lasting love is what we all seek.
What would we give for one kiss? to be missed and be held by the person who so far in love we've fall?
We know lonely and we know love, sometimes spokened words aren't enough, love takes time to grow,  even the tallest tree started out small.
What symbolizes beauty? where does it start? is it the appearance of one's face or what lies within one's heart?
Cherished moments, makes lasting memories of laughter, joy, and pain, we'd looked at each other one day and the life we'd built, hoping and praying it doesn't fall apart. 
Marriage the sanctification of love, a blessing from God above, the unification of two hearts as one.
Hi, though a simple word, is all it takes at times to bring about an explosion of feelings within two strangers, whose heart's been caught, two prizes have been won.


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    Jan 01, 2024

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