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Right now, it has never been easier to start shipping goods overseas. If you are looking to expand your business and find customers outside of your own country, then shipping bulk liquids can be a great way of doing so. Here is the most effective way to start doing so, and expand your business.

Finding The Right Market

For companies looking to move into overseas markets, they of course will need to find the right market to start targeting. Bulk liquids have become a popular way of doing so, because there are so many different liquids that are required by companies around the world.

For example, if you are located in a region that is well-known for beers or wines, they can be in high demand in other parts of the world. If that were the case, then it wouldn’t be too difficult to find somewhere that would have a demand for the wine or beer that your region sells.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a food grade liquid in order to be in high demand. Bulk liquids can include anything from sulfates and shampoos to cleaning products, fuels, and more besides. 

Working With Brokers

If you are not sure how you would start finding the right market for you, then a good idea is to work with a local broker. Brokers are people who have a deep knowledge of their local import and export business, and should know what is in demand in that region. They can then connect you to customers who are looking for your products, so you can easily start up a working relationship.

Brokers are always a great way of getting started, especially for businesses that are new and just starting up. You can take advantage of their knowledge of the local economy, and save so much time in researching markets in the area.

Of course, even if you are an established business, they can still help you. For example, if you are looking to ship flexitanks for sale to a country where you do not speak the language, they can help bridge that language barrier and ensure that the deal is set up properly. They can also help with making sure you have the right documentation sent with your shipments, and other concerns that you may have.

Working with brokers can help remove a lot of time and effort from the process of moving into a foreign market. Whatever you are looking to ship in your flexibag shipments, they should be able to help you do so smoothly.

Picking The Right Tanks

As well as finding the right markets, you also need to have the right tanks ready to be shipped abroad. No matter what liquid you are shipping, there are some concerns that you will have, including:

•	Bulk liquid staying in the best condition throughout the whole journey
•	Avoiding cross contamination
•	Avoiding potential leakages en route
•	Getting the best value for money from the tanks you choose

If this also sounds familiar, then you will be interested to know that many companies are making the switch to using flexitanks for sale for their shipments. A flexitank reservoir, which are often referred to as a flexibag, is a large multi-layered polyurethane bag, which can be laid in the bottom of a shipping container and filled up to use all the space in the container itself.  They are offering a lot of benefits to shipping companies that other tanks currently aren’t able to give you.  These include:

Ease of use: A flexibag is really easy to fill up and get ready for shipment. They are laid out empty in the bottom of a shipping container, and then the chosen the liquid is pumped into the bag through a nozzle in the top. Once it is full, it is closed off, the door to the container shut, and it is ready to go.

No cross contamination: You don’t want your shipment to have made its way overseas, only to find that it is being contaminated by a liquid that was shipped in that tank beforehand. That is why so many companies are now using a flexitank reservoir to ship liquids, because they are a one use only item. They are recycled when they reach their destination, and then a new one is used for a new shipment.

Small chance of leakage: It’s hard to imagine a soft walled bag, such as a flexibag, being stronger than a rigid walled tank. However they can actually take quite a lot of movement and shifting without any damage, thanks to the fact they are not rigid. That makes flexitanks for sale a great option if you are looking to get liquid overseas without any leakages.

Cheaper running costs: If you are moving into overseas markets, that is going to come with a lot of different costs that you will have to handle. To manage costs, you can make the move to using a flexitank reservoir to ship abroad. They are cheaper as they do not require cleaning, and need much smaller storage space from you. As such, you can see why so many businesses are making the move to these tanks.

With all this in mind, you can now start looking at moving into foreign markets with your bulk liquid shipping business. Now is a great time to do so, so you should make the move and start reaping the rewards.


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