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Taunt me with the drinking 
The simplicity of clinking 
A ship always sinking 
Always making way 
To sing, scream, moan in every tone 
More, more, more 
You stupid fucking whore 
Such a ducking angel 
Begging and crawling 
On your knees, thinking
God, I can’t stop thinking!
How heavenly your lips felt on mine 
Tawning over the deep red wine 
And fawning over how fucking fine you are 
Especially in dark red lace 
Cum dripping all over your face 
And the straps, rope 
“Baby, please slap me” 
Give me a sense of fucking reality 
Stop letting me mope it’s not a fucking joke 
But I could be yours to choke 
Lovingly caressing me 
You’ll always be someone to please 


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