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I walk into the dark daycare hoping to find anyone who can help me 
Hello am links and this is my first time working at the mega pizza plex I was hoping to meet anyone like me so I head to the daycare as I walk into the play place I am greeted by Sundrop (sun) the daycare attendant he picks me up then swings me around then puts me down as I hold onto one of beams holding up the play structure as soon as my vision goes back to normal sun start to speak hellooo new friend am Sundrop and you are I replied am links sun reply’s oh it’s very nice to meet you *gasp* you must meet moondrop (moon) moon i said yes moondrop the night attendant and my brother in shorts he then truns off the light I trun of my nearly dead flash light I head over to change it near the desk but then I was throwing to the ground by what I could only make out was a robot with glowing red eyes his hand only arms I kept quiet hopeing what ever it was would go away the robot starts to speak well we’ll we’ll look what we have here are you lost starlight his voice sounded like a broken record no I said he then gets off me helping me to my feet he scans me am links I told him he then leans against the structure his arms cross his left foot I’ve his right am moondrop am the night attendant I believe sun already told you of me y-yes I almost fall asleep I  fall forward moon quickly catch’s me soon am asleep in his arms he then bring me to his/suns room and there we stay until the morning…


  • links_nightcore role play

    Links_nightcore Role Play

    Please ignore the little mistake and yet me know what the next part should be about

    Dec 26, 2023

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