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She can be mine if I try, when I look at her I get lost in her eyes, in her presence I wish I had the courage to be.
she's not perfect, but she's worth it, she has her flaws and it takes more than words to win her heart.
Earth gained an angel the day she was born, she's a beauty to behold, I'd love to wake up next to her to at the break of dawn.
She might be someone's bride some day, it could be me at the altar on her wedding day, to love and cherish her until our hair turns gray.
A home we could build together, I'd shower her with roses and flowers, my wife a lady like no other. 
An eternity doesn't seem so long when time it goes by so fast, the connection we'd share and the love in our heart is what I hope would last.
If she chooses me to be her lover, I'd first thank God then her mother and try to always do right by her, so she doesn't chose another. 
Dating something I'm hoping she doesn't mind giving a try, to explore the depths of our feelings, that runs deep as the ocean and as vast as the open sky. 
L.O.V.E has three parts, young, middle and mature, it's a word... a feeling that's ever so pure, if I claim love, how can I fall out of love, with the woman I said I admire and adore. 


  • love is it wrong?

    Dec 23, 2023

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