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A very Long time ago, on a small farm,there lived a poor farmer with his three daughters.He never made much money as his farm was very small.When he Was a young man,he lost the most valuable thing  in his life. His  beautiiful and kind wife died when their last baby daughter was born. Now his daughters were almost Young women,but the farmer still felt the same pain in his heart for her. One day, he called his girls.Girls!Listen to me! We have more fruit from our trees, and more wheat from our fields,than ever before. I can sell a lot of food this year and buy a new cart.Gertrude, his eldest daughter was very happy about this. Good! Because I cannot walk to the village anymore, or carry wood for the fire.I need a cart.”Ursula,his second daughter, was also happy about it. ”Can i come with you, Father? I want to see the town for once! ”I can’t take you with me.You must help your sisters with the work on the farm.But I will bring each of you a present.” I want a new satin  dress! An expensive one!”I want some new clothes,too And I want some jewellery -a necklace and a ring! ”Well, girls, I will buy you what i can.” Then looked at his youngest daughter.


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