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It's a yearly thing when it comes to love, two hearts beat as one, it's best to enjoy the moment to have fun.
It's no fairy tale or movie scene, no one's writing words for you to speak, it isn't always love at first sight nor does it happen overnight. 
My words they don't come easily, to express myself I use poetry, I'm single now but I'd get my day in the sun.
Love it too needs to be built on a good foundation, it takes hard work and dedication, if not the future won't look too bright 
Sometimes love can last, sometimes it's fading fast and sometimes it affects the heart of two strangers who happened to cross paths. 
It takes more than words to ignite the spark of love, it's a smile, it's looking into each other's eyes and being lost in what feels like paradise.
All he has on his mind is her and all she has on her  mind is him, no one ever truly understands the bond shared between two hearts.
Love is not perfection, it comes with competition, part of it is overcoming rejection, it also makes a man and a woman wants to be in each other's lives. 


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    Dec 22, 2023

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