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The knife of quietness and ignorance was thrown right at me by loneliness and aging,
Secret and growth
all that was fighting so hard to cut me open 
I tried so hard not to scream but it seems impossible.
My heart pumped blood and my lungs, kidneys and liver gave up.
Tried to stay calm but death was at the door waiting for my heart to stop beating.

Dug my own grave 
A grave that was made of hard soil with rocks it was impossible but yet possible
Terrified that I will one day break down and start being someone I aren't I found bad people who barely cared about life
 my biggest regret is meeting niggas who were after what I was left with

Feelings and emotions decided to take over making me feel less of a walking dead making me feel like a skeleton not a ghost pushing the ones who cared away leaving shovels,guns and knives thinking that I left soil and a box but later on getting shot,cut and thrown away and started blaming the soil for leaving


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