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Years ago I was playing with toys,
Making noises, breaking neighbours windows,
Getting scrolled at for breaking I'm all grown up.
Was I happy?no  I aren't fear of disappointment rushed through my mind 
The feeling of excitement was there but because of other emotions I couldn't show it.

Sitting down wondering if all the emotions I was feeling was real or fake.
Started with a little flirt that could turn you into a simp.
Always thought I was strong,brave and naive
But I'm not so sure anymore.
Boys, feelings and emotions started taking over breaking those huge walls protecting my tiny heart.
Scared of loving and catching feeling.

Stress is breaking every muscle in my body letting my blood move into my boneless veins thinking that one day I will make it 
The age is making my soul lift all the burdens that my heart should.
Overthinking things has became an everyday hobby.


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