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All I be doing is try to make a woman understand, how much I care.
To ease her mind, to make her mine, I'll let her go before I made her shed a tear. 
Love at first sight, phone calls that go past midnight, to me she's Mrs. Right. 
At times I may make her frowned but it won't last for long, in my world of darkness she'll be my light. 
An ambitious, optimistic and enthusiastic woman is a rarity to find, it's not only her beauty that's easy on the eyes. 
We'd argue for all the wrong reasons, to hurt her feelings an act of treason, a sight she is to behold whenever she smiles.
Sometimes my feelings I'm unable to put into words, I love from a distance, not knowing my own worth, loneliness it surely hurts. 
Amidst the heartaches and rejections I still seek love, to give to a woman all my attention, my heart my affection. 
Nothing last forever but I'm hopeful, that I'll find a woman to love until our time on earth comes to it's end, we'd be the perfect strangers, who'd find comfort in each other's arms, as time passes she'll remain my main attraction. 


  • Dec 22, 2023

  • ❤🥰

    Dec 22, 2023

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