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Layering is important for ski suits. Right layering allows for ventilation during spring time and prevents cold wind from getting into the fabric. Therefore, taking the right pick ensures that you will feel warm, dry, comfortable and happy while sliding on the slopes for hours. Without layers, you run the risk of experiencing extreme heat, cold or even heavy sweat. 

Ski Wear Layering 
Whether two-piece or one piece ski suit women, ski outfits have three distinct layers – basic layer, mid layer and final layer. Each of these serves a different purpose to ensure that you feel relaxed. It implies that you need to make a choice consisting of the right type of material for each layer. 

Base Layers
The base layer or primary layer absorbs sweats and moisture from your skin and thus, helps in regulating body temperature. This will keep you cool and comfortable, preventing the risk of sweat chaffing or rubbing. The base layers have three distinct types of clothing.  – Thermal long sleeve top, bottoms/leggings and good quality socks. These are separately sold and most often, sold in packs. 

Ideal base layers should feel skin-hugging without giving you any uncomfortable feel. Base layers are usually made of either natural Merino wool or synthetic fibres. The best quality base layers are ergonomically fitting and also capable of odour control. 

When it comes to socks, don’t make the blunders of choosing what promises to keep you warm. You will only end up having blisters after spending hours on the slope. Buy a pair of long socks that come over your ski boots; you will not have to rub there. 

Mid Layers
Skiers do not need to put on an additional piece of cloth in their bottom half as legs always stay warm after so much works on the slopes. Hence, long-sleeved mid layers are designed to keep the heat within. You can have a choice from two options – a pull over jumper without a full zip or any zip at all. However, the zip-fitted jumpers allow for easy adjustment as soon as skiers are off the slopes. 

Outer Layers 
Outer layers or outwear must be 100% waterproof in order to protect you from harsh elements. The right type of outer layer consists of three things – ski jacket, ski trousers and ski gloves (also called salopettes). Always buy a ski jacket that is breathable because it will keep youcomfy for hours. Your jacket should have multiple internal and external pockets. 

Always buy womens all in one ski suits from a reputed brand. Make sure it ticks all the boxes so that you can have a good time on the slopes.


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