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Blue Night Lights & Mirrors

R Becker

Block the questions,

Let the answers disappear"

"The confusion is blooming early this year"

The games are exciting
But the outcome's the same

The same same relationships
It's all part of the shame


All the
New and improved here?"


"Que the interview"

"Pick a number. When it's your turn , we'll call or something "


The interview is fast
It's not meant to last

It's the usual theater
Blue night lights and mirrors 

Do you speak Russian?

Da! Moy Chelovek!

How about War and Peace
Have you fallen to pieces yet?

How about Russian roulette?
That's the usual spin

I'm feeling lucky today
I'm going all in 

I think I'll go for broke
Since no one gets the joke

The joke is I keep playing
But if I win or I lose

It doesn't much matter

The same choices I choose

The same I choose
The same I choose
The same I choose

Still, I lose
Still, I lose
Still, I lose 

It's not a game for beginners

Blue night lights and mirrors 

There's a golly for miss Molly
There's an addled reality on the sweet line

There's a house called the Rising Sun

Avoiding this little light of mine

It's the sweetest sound
Amazing grace

But the glory
Has another face

One more bell to answer
One more egg to fry

One last dance
Before you bury my heart
By the Wounded Knee River

Blue night lights and mirrors...


  • great loved the awl

    Dec 19, 2023

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