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Professional crime scene cleaners are exposed to different types of biohazards at the crime sites. Hence, they are required to take several protective measures in order to stay safe. PPE or personal protective equipment is integral to the work of professional crime scene cleaners. 

The professionals working at a crime scene cleanup Whittier CA company do everything possible in their capacity to make sure restoration of every crime site to its former state. They take time and follow the standard procedure to remove all the grisly reminders and odours of the site where a traumatic event took place. However, this job exposes the cleaning professionals to many blood-borne pathogens, other biohazards and potential diseases. 

All professional biohazard cleaning companies are obliged to conform to stringent rules and regulations including wearing PPE, gloves, skin and eye protection. Each situation is unique and hence, requires different protection methods. In this article, we will discuss different types of protection used by professionals while cleaning a crime scene. 

Basic Elements of PPE

Respirators:Respirators filter out hazardous airborne particles to allow smooth breathing without damaging esophagus, lungs and other organs of the respiratory system.

Here are 4 most important types of respirators: 

Full-face respirator
Half-mask respirator 
N-95 respirator 
Surgical mask

Hand Protection:Cleaning a crime scene involves hands-on work. Hence, wearing gloves is mandatory to protect oneself from biohazards. 

Followings are 3 types of gloves:

Rubber Latex Gloves
Disposable Nitrile Gloves
Disposable Latex Gloves 

Eye Protection:Our eyes are most sensitive of all the body parts having a mucus membrane. Cleaning professionals usually use any of these 3 types of eye protection: 

Face Shield
Chemical splash goggles
Basic safety goggles

Skin Protection: It is extremely important to protect the torso and extremities when dealing with biohazards. There are different types of skin protecting wear, such as full-body suits, lab coats and overalls. Biohazard Cleanup Whittier professionals wear full-body suits before setting out for any crime scene. It ensures total safety for them.

Here are 3 commonly used fabrics for skin protecting wear:

Cotton/polyester blend 

Final Words

Cleaning a crime scene takes a great deal of time. On top of that, the job involves a certain amount of risk as cleaners get exposed to a myriad of hazardous elements. To ensure safety, they need to adopt full-body protection. After all, staying safe is most important while dealing with biohazards. 


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