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Safe handling of sharps and needles is highly important while cleaning biohazards at crime scenes. The task requires the crime scene cleanup Irvine CA professions to conform to strict protocols and adopt extreme precaution.

Sharp is a medical device that has got its name from its sharp edges or points that can cut skin. Sharps are potentially hazardous and hence, must be handled with utmost care to avoid injuries that can also lead to quick spread of infection. 

Understand the Risks

Before discussing the methods of safe handling of needles and sharps, it is necessary to explain the risks involved. Sharps, if found at a crime scene, can carry Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIVetc, all of which are blood-borne pathogens. These viruses can infect a healthy human body through accidental cuts or pricks. 

Hence, unfailing adherence to the stringent procedures is highly important to prevent accidental transmission of these diseases.

How to Stay Safe: Personal Protective Equipment

First thing first, the cleanup professionals must prioritize their safety while dealing with biohazards. The first line of defence definitely comes from personal protective equipment, famously known as PPE. The cleaning crews should wear the right kind of PPE, including face masks, eye protection, fluid-resistant clothing and puncture-resistant gloves.

PPE creates a strong protective barrier between the professional and the biohazards and other hazardous materials littered at crime scenes. \

Appropriate Handling Techniques 

For the crime scene cleaners, it is important not to touch any needles and sharps even if they are wearing gloves. Instead, they should use forceps, tong, a dustpan or brush to pick up needles and sharps. 

If you are a Biohazard Cleanup Irvine professional, you must ensure to keep the sharp edges or points facing away from you and your co-workers while picking them up and placing into a proper sharps container.

Use Appropriate Disposable Containers

Another crucial thing in this regard is to use appropriate disposable containers for the sharps and needles. These containers are specially designed to resist puncture so that you can handle them safely. They also have proper labels for easy identification. They should be tightly closed when not in use and easily accessible as long as cleaning is going on. 

Adopt Safe Disposal Practices

After the needles and sharps are collected from the crime scenes, these must not disposed of in any trash bin. These trash bins, where sharps and needles are dumped, must be handled as per the local guidelines.

The cleanup professionals must follow the strict regulations to prevent environmental pollution and dodge legal repercussions as well.


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