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The Bus That Never Came

R Becker

Better than I had hoped for
Better than the best of my designs
Better than my best guesses
And my false beliefs of every kind

Better than my own efforts
And my faith in senseless schemes

Better than my good intentions
And the nothing that they mean

You found me waiting at a bus stop
For a bus that never came

You had no accusations
Although I looked at you ashamed

You only came to touch me

And show me that
I wasn't being real

My belief was 
You wanted me to try harder
Because I thought that was the deal

But you rained loved from a chosen rain cloud

That rained a gentle rain

That washed away my glorious self pity

And the mistakes that knew my name

And hope was glad to meet me

And light was delighted to see me, too

And you looked at me with the admiration
That I never gave to you

My old ways and excuses
What did I need them for?

Whatever I thought I had to prove about myself

I didn't have to do that anymore

And skies are made for rain clouds
And the praise of you they speak

And behind the sky is laughter
With a new laugh of the week

I no longer wait for busses
Instead I wait for a train

The old number 1 to glory

For a bus that never came.


  • I felt this one. amazing

    Dec 17, 2023

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