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So let’s start from the beginning, you are born congratulations 🎉, and get ready to live in hell , so you are either born with a sibling or live a year or two and then get one so from age 2 to 4 your main problams are siblings which are a pain in the ass but you would also give them a kidney if they needed it and kill them if they take one of your French fries then from age 5 to 14 it’s school the main enemy , if you have ever been to school you know that it  is a hell house cause firstly you always need to get good grades , need to deal with bullying, and you need to have a friend , if you don’t I’m so sorry for you anyway then from age 15 to 18 it’s high school I don’t wanna talk about that so quick summery it’s “ grades , crushing on people , finding  out if your gay or not , losing friends + making them , possibly getting pregnant or fucked and ya that’s it then from age 19 to 22 its collage tbh it’s quite fun and stressful , you have party’s , tests and you could also meet the love of your life so not too bad compared to high school then from age 23 to 26 it’s work if you even do so ya , bossy people , office drama , nights out before an important meeting, coming to the office hungover and so much much more but it’s fine you could leave but if you do you need to know that you are probably going to be judged by aunties yup 👍 good luck , then from age 27 to 30 you fall in love get married maybe have children or get a divorce either are dreadful as shit but you can always run always right ? 😊 so then comes 31 to 40 you are getting old so wrinkly and you wanted to go back in time and all your bones hurt like crazy then it’s from age 41 to 60 you are probably watching your kids get married you are feeling alone and all your hair is white but you feel content with your life plus you can finally retire then from age 60 to 79 some die some don’t but you are prob a grandma and have more then two grandkids but you always feel like you could pass out and pass away then if you get to age 80 + you are healthy congrats and I promise I will try to be at your funeral soon, see ya in the afterlife 


  • less is more. your topic is good but you need to economize. too long. and I don't see a clear theme I'm not sure why you're writing this look I'm not a mean person but are you sure writing is a strong skill for you? if I told you this was good I'd be lying. friends who say you're great and you aren't aren't your friends take a writing class. give it a couple months. if it doesn't click it doesn't I'm just trying to save you from rejection and hurt

    Dec 17, 2023

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