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Every indoor and outdoor space requires frequent cleaning to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Such cleaning is performed by most individuals within their living spaces using over-the-counter cleaning products.

Conversely, trauma cleaning refers to a specialized, advanced cleaning service that is performed by licensed professionals using industrial-grade cleaning agents to restore sites of traumatic events, including accidents, suicides, and murders.

Trauma cleaning

In simplest terms, trauma cleaning is crime scene cleanup which involves removal of biohazard substances like blood, bodily waste, and bodily fluids from spaces where traumatic events occurred. 

Untrained individuals should never carry out trauma cleaning, as biohazard substances are harmful to us, animals, and our environment.

To help you determine when professional trauma cleaning is needed, the experts at PENNSYLVANIACLEANIT, which offers the best crime scene cleanup Napa CA has ever known, have provided a list of situations.

•	Homicide
•	Suicide
•	Other crime scenes
•	Industrial accident
•	Motor accident
•	Domestic accident
•	Clutter and hoards
•	Incidents involving spills of blood, bodily waste, and bodily fluids

Regular cleaning vs. trauma cleaning

As is now evident, regular and trauma cleaning are distinctly different. Here are some important differences: 

Supplies and equipment

Special supplies and equipment are needed to carry out trauma cleaning. To ensure their and others’ safety, cleanup professionals use PPE or personal protective equipment, which includes masks, protective suits, gloves, goggles, boots, and more. They use special tools and industrial-grade cleaning solutions to disinfect and deodorize spaces. 

Training and experience

Licensed professionals in this field undergo special training in removal and disposal of biohazard substances. They are well versed with and stringently adhere to all guidelines and regulations set by the EPA and OSHA. Regular cleaning companies only tackle regular household cleaning; hence their teams are trained differently. 

Risks associated

Regular cleaning has minor risks associated with it because cleaning agents contain chemicals that prove harmful when used incorrectly. Trauma cleaning, however, involves cleanup of biohazards and hence proves far more harmful, when necessary, precautions are not taken. Bodily fluids and blood can carry disease-causing viruses, pathogens, and bacteria, hence OSHA and EPA’s guidelines for disposal of biohazardous waste are followed.

Nobody should have to tackle trauma cleaning on their own, as it can worsen symptoms of physical, emotional, and mental distress after a traumatic event. Furthermore, this type of cleaning demands expertise that untrained individuals, or those providing standard cleanup services, simply do not possess. To restore your property to its previous condition, we recommend entrusting PENNSYLVANIACLEANIT, a trusted company offering the best biohazard cleanup Napa has ever experienced.  


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