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It Happens All the Time

R Becker

I've seen water turn into wine
I've seen silver bullets
Stop on a dime

I've seen the planets
Do something like dancing

Give me a chance
I'll convince you it's true

impossibilities are for you

It's not just a rhyme
It happens all the time

I've ordered the sun to shine
Medium rare

I've kept records spinning
Up in the air

I've seen mermaids 

Merely swimming like they're 

Make a bet
I'm raising you 2

Ask what's new
What's new with you?

Reality shiift is not a crime
It happens all the time 

It's just give and take
No one knows where it's all going

Don't be surprised
When the truth hits you
Right between the eyes

I can pay your rent 
With a new record deal

I'm the new James Bond
It's a really good feel

I put on a fight
That looks a lot like dancing

Holy cow, Batman!

Did you see that?

I just won the lottery
That's my first time at bat

Taste of the fruit of the vine
It happens all the time.


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