Not Only Did I Cry Once Read Count : 81

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Tried building up the walls that came crushing down when I let you in,
I wish I could have been able to see the wind that the sun lighting my life came with,
If only I knew how to See the future  through the presence then maybe things would have been better.

Thought I found a mirror but it was just another shadow that disappears when it's dark,
I thought picking up broken glasses from the floor was wise but not only did I get hurt,
Wished that I could have left you when I first met you but the universe said otherwise.

Thought that when the sun goes down  the candle will light up throughout the night but not only did it rain,
The wind and storms anot forgetting the thunder I so wished could've striked you but you were the one behind it,
Knowing exactly where I would be facing
You made sure that it blew right on my face.

I'm pretty certain that you had lunch with the devil right before entering my life cause wickedness is your middle name,
Call me Ava for I'm so revealing,
I'm not gonna come back for more for I know how worthless that would be,
I put shame to your name cause not only were you fast to download my love like an Android software but you were like a firefly in the middle of the night,
So bright to see but never easy to catch.


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