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According to an SEO company California, ‘change’ is the only constant in the SEO scenario. Though the basic principles and goals of search engine optimization or SEO remain the same, the tactics keep changing to provide the best experience to your potential customers. The evolution happens due to technological revolution and changes in consumers’ behavioral pattern. However, throughout the relentless changes, one aspect of SEO tactics remains constant. This is blogging. 

In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons about the importance of blogging for SEO in 2023 and in years to come. 

Improved Brand Visibility: The most advantageous aspect of blogging is it improves a brand’s visibility in the search engine result pages. Individual blog posts are optimized for several keywords. If you have a strategy of using keywords in the header tags, the blog is most likely to rank in “People Also Ask” section, enhancing both visibility and traffic. 

Enhanced Brand Awareness & Reliability: If your brand ranks for keywords more often, it is most likely that your target customers will come across your brand and recognize it. Increased brand awareness always leads to enhanced customer trust. Customers may start searching your brand name in the search engines. It will result in more clicks and improved SEO ranking. 

Better Ranking for Relevant Keywords:Home pages are usually ranked for transactional keywords when visitors want to unzip their wallet. However, other stages are not less significant. Informational keywords are integral to stoking customer awareness of what you offer through your website. As per research, 70% of traffic search for long-tail keywords having at least four words. 

Blogs help you identify the topics to be covered for an improved flow of traffic. A California SEO company suggests that you should check Google Analytics regularly for reviewing engagement metrics. Also keep track on customer comments and feedbacks for potential keywords. 

Backlink Building: You can cover a myriad of topics in your blog. You can write on specific features of your products, give instructions on how your customers should use your products and many more topics related to your brand. Educational content is ideal for building links. A strong backlink profile boosts your SEO effort. 

Better Crawl Rate: Google always prefers fresh, informative and relevant content. Regular blog posting makes Google understand the relevance of your site. It also enables the search engine giant to crawl and index your website in a consistent and systematic way. Crawling is key to increased visibility of your website in the search results. Blogs can give a 400% boost to your indexed pages.


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