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This morning I woke. Cold, and unrested; yet grateful. For what? I did not know. 
I lay in bed before getting up to grab a bucket that is referenced to as"The Bathroom" here. 

I sigh.  Then mumble "What a life!"

I use it and return it to it's place outside. It's cold, really really cold. There's ice over everything and it's even colder inside the trailer I sleep in. 

My mind wonders, immediately thinking of my boyfriend who stayed away all night after an argument.

I'm worried he may have been freezing, he says when he isn't here he just walks until he can come home. So, I always worry.

On the other hand. I also, almost always go to find him and bring him home. Yet, he's never anywhere to be found.

During the time I walk looking for him, I see so many people who slept or didn't sleep at all outside.

I don't know how to feel. I just know I want to do something. Anything. To make life better not for me but for everyone. 

"I wish I had a place to offer them warmth."

Then it hits me.
 I'm grateful.
For all that I have.... Because I could have less. And in fact? I have. (Had less)
But I was grateful then too. Maybe a little ungrateful.. but I'm grateful for the lesson.

Now. I wonder if the lesson I've learned, were for me to teach?


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    Dec 14, 2023

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