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From when she (Rebeca) had left school the only thing she ever wanted to be was a police woman, with a sandy coloured hair its obvious that where ever she went everyone called her sandy, even though her real name was Bridgette, time had gone on and over her career she had  had a couple of lovers but due to her job none of her relationships had lasted. She joined up straight from school did all the training required and took her job very seriously, when the exams came along to progress in life she did so, sometimes having to sit the tests more than once, but nothing phased her until as a superintendent at the age of 35 she was forced to retire ( on full pension with all the perks ) due to a shooting gone wrong and she was very nearly parallised.

   After all the physio had been done she decided that moving to a different part f the country was  the wisest thing to do. what she found  was a small house near the beach where she could run every morning, it was ideal.
    After some months, and people were getting to know her  she finished her run one morning and stopped at a small café where she sat out in the sun drinking a coffe when a voice said ” Brigette is that you” she turned and looked at the woman who was talking to her, it was going through her mind wether to say yes or no to the question but before she had time to respond she carried on”its been about 30 years since we saw each other , we were at school and I doubt you remember me anyway” as she said all this her mind was working overtime trying to remember then it hit her, pointing and standing at the same time “Shirley, Shirley Anne my go , sit down let me get you a drink”,she was right it had been a long time  but somehow remembered her and was glad to see her...

After a hug and a kiss on the cheeks  they both sat down , bidgette asked for a waitress and as she was asking for two coffees Shirley ann  was waving her fingers as if to say two more but she did it as Bridgette had her back to her, the drinks came and went and eventually it was time for Bridgette to go home, realising she was walking Shirley ann said oh no come on I will give you a lift. Just about to get in the car Bridgette realised nobody had paid for the drinks and was about to pay when she was told I  don’t think the owner will mindand with that got in the car.

   Given instructions as to where she lived Shirley anns face lit up, ” I know that house, it must have been you that out bid me “, face having gone red for the first time in a very long time Bridgette asked if she was married , the reply came back with a grin, you must be joking” I’m not sure if your ok with this but I’m a lesbian” and carried on driving, as they got to the house Bridgette stepped out of the car and asked her if she wanted to come in, after all the umming and aahhing she got out of the car and said ok , unknowing that Bridgette was a lesbian to, they sat and talked for ages about there lives and what had happened, then Shirley ann had to go to the toilet  and once in there things became apparent, dildos left in the sink to soak.
    She came down the stairs with a dildo in each hand  looked her straight in the eye and said ” is there something you want to tell me “, for a minute Bridgette looked confused, covering her mouth with one hand “oh god”and then Shirley ann brought the dildos in from behind her back, ” its hard for me to tell people with the job I had Shirley you know how it is , that’s why I was comfortable with it when you told me”. Shirley replied” the last time we played was at school, maybe one night I can come round and play again” 


  • Dec 14, 2023

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