How To Enforce Strict Quantity Rules Professionally To A Dominant Sexually Lifestyle (Documentary Two Out Of Five) Read Count : 95

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama

Chapter Two /  Scene Two : See your slave regularly (Female or Male)

– You can not put a chastity belt on a slave and never see them again. While the chastity belt protects and prevents any contact with the most intimate and gentle of body parts, the side effect is that a slave is not able to clean these areas while the chastity belt is on. This means as a Dom/me you must see your slave regularly, so you can remove the belt giving them a chance to wash and groom as required by you.

2) Slave’s must orgasm for their health – While it may seem fun to put a slave in chastity and never let them orgasm again, if done for too long it can actually make training your slave more difficult in the long run. Having an orgasm helps to produce positive hormones that promote a healthy mind and body, therefore denying your slave an orgasm for too long can be unhealthy both mentally and physically. While extending the time between orgasms can stimulate a more cooperative slave, if extended too long it can actually regress your training... 


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