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Instagram has emerged as a popular social media platform for creating and sharing short, informative and entertaining videos. It is now a popular platform for digital marketers to engage with the customers and drive potential customers to their websites. An effective way to achieve this goal is by incorporating short Instagram reels in your website. 

In this post, a website design california company guides you about how to do it and the kind of benefits you will get though reels integration. 

What are the benefits of embedding Instagram reels on your website?

There are multiple benefits of embedding Instagram reels on your website. First, it will enable you to explore the power of audio-video marketing to boost your potential customers’ engagement and conversion. Videos are more interesting and easily sharable compared to other content varieties. Short, interesting, innovative and relevant video reels give a quick boost to website traffic, brand awareness and sales. 

Second, Instagram reels integration in your website will help you forge a stronger bonding with your existing and target audience. Your audience will have a quick glimpse of your brand’s offer, culture and other details through the embedded reels. It will create brand awareness and trust among your target customers, resulting in increased engagement, conversion and sales. 

Third, adding Instagram reels to your website will help improve the site’s visibility, reach and popularity on Instagram. After a reel is embedded on your website, it becomes easier for your audience to find your brand on Instagram and follow the account. It furthers your brand’s reach and visibility on Instagram, driving more followers and enhancing customer engagement. 

How Can You Embed Instagram Reels on Your Website?

A California website design company says embedding Instagram reels on your website is not rocket science. You can do it in a few easy steps. We will describe these steps in the next section:

Set up your walls.io Insta widget 

Create your walls.io account. It will take you lessthan 5 minutes. As the source of your widget, choose Instagram. You can link Instagram business accounts only to Walls.io. 

Use Embed section to copy your widget’s snippet

On our Walls.io dashboard, go to the Embed & Display section. Copy the embedded code. JavaScript is usually the most preferred way to do it as you will have more features. However, iframe is a good option. Moreover, not all website apps or builders will allow you to use JavaScript. 

Post the snippet on your website

The Instagram widget will automatically grab all the Reels published on your Instagram account. You can exercise complete control over the content of the Instagram widget.


  • Dec 11, 2023

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