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Finding love
Is it strange
Like in a movie 
Or on a page

Is it truth
Or a lie
Does it groove
Does it sigh

So romantic
Can it be
This is how
Love should be

No distress
No errors
Answered prayers

Like your floating
In a dream
So perfect
Or so it seems

No everyday
Sun shining

What if 
It’s an illusion
Made to order

To distract
From the way
Life really is
In its day to day

No struggle
No foul
Learn to live

Where’s the test
Make you strong
Earned a rest
But not long

About dreams
What you like
Want to see

Having children
Buy a house
Teach them well
Love your spouse

Where did
Our dreams go
Supplanted here
By things we know

Cars, clothes, fame
Beauty, wealth, it’s a game

Who achieves
The most in life
Got the perfect home
Got the perfect wife

Flash around your gold
Made it to the top
Where does it go
When does it stop

Why am I here
What am I doing
Where is my crowd
To give me what I need

Feel the devastation
When it goes away
But it was an illusion
What else is there to say

Had my time
Had my pot of gold
But where’s the truth
To be told

Movies are an illusion
Books a story too
So where is true love
For me and for you

Just around the corner
Waiting for you to arrive
At your destination
On the train of your life 

Don’t be late
Don’t dawdle along
Come on board
Before the whistle plays it song


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