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In the stillness of my heart, a cherished memory lies,
Of a gentle soul, a guiding light that now dances in the skies.
My Dad, my hero, with a love that knew no bounds,
His presence forever missed, his whispers yet resound.

He was the rock that held us, the pillar strong and true,
With arms that wrapped around us, he made our spirits grew.
His laughter filled our days, his wisdom eased our fears,
In his embrace, we found solace, wiping away our tears.

A man of strength and grace, with eyes so filled with pride,
He showed us how to dream, and how to reach the stars beside.
With hands that toiled endlessly, he built a life so grand,
Generous and kind, a helping soul, he extended a helping hand.

Oh, how I long to hear his voice, to feel his warm embrace,
To see his smile lighting up the room, oh, what a precious trace.
But though he's gone, his spirit lives on, forever in our hearts,
A legacy of love and strength, from which we'll never part.

The memories we cherish, like precious gems they gleam,
The laughter we shared, like echoes in a dream.
He taught us to be brave, to face life's darkest night,
To cherish every moment, to let love be our guiding light.

So I'll carry his love, within my very core,
With each step I take, his presence I'll explore.
For even though he's gone, his love will never fade,
In the tapestry of my life, his memory is serenade.

In the whispers of the wind, in the stars that fill the sky,
In the gentle melody that plays as time goes by,
I'll forever hold him close, and etch him in my soul,
For my dad, my beloved hero, has finally found his eternal role.

So let the tears be balm, let them cleanse this heavy heart,
For in each teardrop shed, I feel a new start.
I'll honor his memory, with every breath that I take,
And know that he's watching, from a place where angels make.

Oh, Dad, I miss you dearly, but I know you're never far,
For the love between us reaches beyond the brightest star.
In the depths of my love and gratitude, forever you'll remain,
My dad, my hero, till we meet again.


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