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When the day started with the sunrise and an uniform, 
A white shirt, navy blue pants, white socks & pair of black shoes.
Where excitement was all about being with friends,
And eating lunch in middle of the class was a trend,
Waiting for the sports period and for ring of bell to play with those whose nicknames are invented so well,
Those pen fightings and asking monitor to rub your name from board,
And wandering on corridors to every floors,
That feeling of wearing special dress on your birthdays 
And giving an extra candies to your special guys, 
The art of your computer class on the paint that no one understood
To the games with friends and that food,
From bunking periods to bunking school
While thinking teachers are fools,
Those cartoons you watched with your mom to fights with siblings for the remote to watch Tom and Jerry
Those 'videos' you saw while being scared of getting caught 
To those beautiful summer and winter holidays whom extension you sought,
Those group studies before the exams 
And borrowing pencil for diagrams,
That beauty of english teacher to the english of the sports teacher,
That feeling of first sight of your crush to that first love,
That bell of school`s last two minutes where the watch tik-toks slowly
Where everything ends & start a new
Those evening meet-ups,
Those tutions,
Those breakup's 
Which made you cry in those sleepless nights,
That feeling to end everything while feeling love is nothing
But still that friend kept you together while someone left for forever,
Where the old fight ended while the new one began as you soothe,
And the flavours of the childhood becomes the flavours of the youth...


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