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Art as we know is the delivery of creative imagination and skill. Science is the practical activity of acquiring knowledge as well as the body of knowledge. Public Relations encircle both art and science for creative, logical, and resourceful solutions. When you think of PR as an art then the key elements would include qualitative metrics. The focus would be on the quality of media placements and not on the quantity. When you think of PR as a science then quantitative measures are the answer. Here you will need to delve into the data of website analytics, stats from social media engagement, and conversion rates. PR encompasses various verticals that need a collaboration of art and science to provide comprehensive strategy and efficient implementation within appropriate assignments. PR experts such as Talent Resources, manage it as a science with artistic illustration and as an art with a scientific perspective.  

This Public Relations Firm in Los Angeles carefully selects a combination of qualitative and quantitative metrics based on your business objectives. This is the reason why it is important to take note of the outcome even before the commencement of a project. It is also mandatory for PR firms to not start without considering their client’s objectives. You will be able to decide on the Key Performance Indicators that can accurately estimate success after your brand’s objectives are defined. Do you need fundraising, increase brand awareness, present yourself as a thought leader, or generate website traffic from prospects? At Talent Resources, we generally use the following five KPIs:

Items: The number of digital content such as a blog, a post, and any other content

Reach: This is the indicator of the duration for which your items are gaining traffic or being shared online

Impressions: This talks about an estimate of the number of people who may have seen the digital post 

Engagement: This is the number that shows the people who have engaged (liked, shared, commented) with your digital post

Mentions: This is when individuals start talking about your products and services (not on the posts but outside)

It is often believed that right-brained people find their niche in the public relations field. Since PR is an art, such individuals can deal with PR with ease and proficiency. The subject covers how efficiently a thought or a message is conveyed to the target audience. The writing style, syntax, semantics, ideation, and conciseness are the factors that contribute towards a finished piece of writing and a well-deserved PR writer. Communication has to be framed solely based on the targeted audience. For instance, a press release should be clear, crisp, and concise but an internal newsletter must be framed in a manner that employees can feel connected. For a website, there should be a combination of storytelling and technical highlights. 

The work of a Public Relations Firm in Los Angeles is not complete with just creativity. There is a science behind when a campaign is to be formulated. For example, in our company, we ensure that there should be a structure that is followed in case of developing a PR manual. Similarly, our communication blueprint related to marketing uses the language of advertising, based on facts and figures after assessing the trends. We create a strong framework for a PR with thoughtful preparation that is based on impact analysis and market surveys. The PR experts are comprised of left-brained individuals from commerce and science backgrounds with excellent success stories. When you are partnering with a successful PR firm such as Talent Resources then the success and reputation of your brand will only be benefitted under any circumstances. 

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