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I'm in the new car talking to him, following the directions on my phone. He sounds nervous when he's laughing, and I'm hoping my nervousness is hidden. He's talking about how he's almost done packing and I tell him he better have gotten the things i asked. He starts laughing "Well, I'm going to say now I didn't. So suck it up and get things before you get here." He's laughing and I'm not sure if he's telling the truth. 

I can hear his voice echo and I ask if he's walking around. He says he's getting ready to take a shower but we're still going to talk. I see a grocery store and say I'm going to stop and grab a few things so he has time to shower. He refuses to hang up so I'm talking to him walking around this unknown grocery store. 

We talk about the mutual friends, laughing about how we're meeting up with one for dinner, so we better not eat a lot for lunch. I agree but say I'm making a lot because it's all part of my plot of making him fall in love with me. I had the water from him taking a shower. I just stand there listening to him laughing, talking, and picturing the water cascading down his body. I whimper softly and he asks if I'm okay, i ignore him. 

I find everything I'm needing, pay and get in my car. He talks about how he's excited to see me, hug me, and be around me. We've been talking about this day for months. We both go silent, listening to the voice of the directions "Turn left in 500 feet."

"Why am I getting butterflies in my stomach? Am i the only one thinking I need a shower because my i swear my feet are sweating and my hands won't stop sweating.." I jokingly say. He's still silent. 

"Turn right in 100 feet. Destination is on the right. You've arrived." The voice echos through my car. 

"Hey.... You there?" I whisper. "Come outside. I need help bringing your stuff inside." I'm watching his door, just Knowing he's going to bail.. Bail after seeing me through the window. 

"I'm nervous you..." He finally mutters, barely over a whisper. 

"Shut up, get shoes on and come help me carry groceries in." I say watching the door open. I see him walking out, wearing the outfit we joked about him wearing. My heart won't stop pounding, knowing this will be a dream or a nightmare...

I watch him wave, walking towards me, and I can't process the words he's speaking until he opens my door. "Turn the car off. Hang up. Welcome home, babe." He's towering over me and all I can focus on it's his smile.

I nod, turn my car off, gather the things in the front seat and he's grabbing everything from the back. I watch him, absolutely amazed how he can carry the bags effortlessly. He left the door open so we walk in. He's talking about everything I bought and he opens the fridge and says "Looks like you're making double... You better hope I like it." I just smile at him. 

I'm holding the housewarming gift and all of a sudden feel naked, awkward. He finishes putting everything away and comes over and just engulfs me in a hug. He growls softly and I hug him tightly. I sigh, more inline with a soft moan, and he starts hugging me tighter. Tears start burning my eyes and I don't know why. I'm not hurting, I'm not scared, I'm just feeling something I'm not sure of. 

"You smell amazing. Strawberries and flowers." He keeps sniffing me and I start giggling at his beard tickling my neck. He starts whispering but my mind has checked out. I start squeezing him in a tight hug. "You're smaller than I thought." He whispers. 

I smile against his neck and feel his hands going lower on my back. "Uppies?" I whisper in his ear. He nods against my shoulder. I jump and he picks me up, effortlessly. I wrap my legs around his waist and giggle. He makes a sigh, growl, moan noise against my neck. I kiss his cheek and squeeze him into another hug. 

He starts walking around, rubbing my back, holding my closer to his chest and i giggle, feeling completely happy. Almost euphoric in this simple act. He laughs softly and I feel him setting me down on his bed. He takes his shirt off, and i follow his lead. I take my shoes off and watch him take his pants off. I take my skirt off. He's looking down at me, I'm looking up at him. 

He climbs on the bed and we start kissing. His huge hands pawing at me, his lips hungrily kissing mine, our breathing matching and we don't even try. "Are you sure, baby?" He whispers with his hand on my inner thigh. I nod. He starts exploring my body with his hands and encourages each reaction. "You're such a good baby girl for Daddy. Let Daddy hear more, baby. Don't home back, Daddy wants to hear baby. Oh baby, you're so beautiful." His words of encouragement of allowing myself letting go sends me over the edge and he just watches in amazement. "Wow. You really are so beautiful... Look at my baby girl..." He cups my cheek and looks in my eyes deeply. "Ready for more rough?"

I nod, moan softly, looking in his eyes. I'm just drawn into his eyes and think "When you leave me, I'm going to be shattered."

"I'm not leaving, baby." He whispers in my ear between kissing my neck and nipping at my shoulder. Panic sets in, realizing I said it out loud. "Baby, give Daddy what he wants.." He says kissing down my body. I feel my body falling under his spell with each kiss. 

I lay my head on the pillow and whimper "Have what you want, Daddy. It's yours." He growls in response, hurrying his kisses down my body, and moving his hands all over my body. 

I feel his lips on my inner thighs, parting my legs gently. "I'm going to hold you down until I'm done. Daddy doesn't stop until he's finished." He looks in my eyes and I notice his brown eyes have golden specks. I'm falling so I'm love with him, knowing full well he doesn't want serious. I nod, trying not to show my emotions. "Are you sure baby? Are you sure you want Daddy?" I nod and whimper loudly. 

He starts devouring me with an intensity I've only read about in books and short stories.. My body reacts to every kiss, lick, rub, touch, and breath he does. I start to cry out, grab his shoulders and whimper for permission. He grunts and keeps dragging me closer to exploding. I arch my back, press into him, and scream his name. He laps up every drop and starts kissing up my body. 

My head is spinning, I'm giggling, and rubbing his shoulders. He looks in my eyes, nods, and grunts.. I nod and just surrender to him. He slowly enters my now swollen, extremely sensitive, and soaked mound. I gasp, feeling myself gripping tightly on the length he's pushed into me. 

I start grinding against him, moaning, and he starts snickering. I look in his eyes, trying not to panic he's laughing at my noises. "You're enjoying that much, baby?" He growls, looking deeply into my eyes. I mewl and start grinding against him but he pushes me into the mattress and smiles. "I'm not even half way in. My turn to enjoy.. Let Daddy enjoy for a little bit, baby." He thrusts his entire length into me and I cry out. He smirks and starts thrusting into me harshly, pinning me down, one hand around my throat. "Be a good girl and cry out for Daddy." He grunts. 

My eyes are locked onto his, our bodies speaking in an animalistic chant. Our bodies moving in perfect rhythm, kissing only intensity the feelings we're both feeling, and my legs start struggling against his knees aching to wrap around him. I start clawing his back, my body moving like it's possessed, matching his brutal rhythm. 

"Daddy... Daddy...." I start to whimper between moans and crying out. He smiles and starts slowing down his pace. "Use me, Daddy." I cry out, clinging to him. 

"Daddy isn't going to last much longer if we keep this up." He growls. "Damn, this is my pussy, isn't it? I own this." He keeps praising, commenting on each movement I'm doing externally and internally. He keeps his pace up and we are getting louder, kissing more intensely, and clinging to each other. 

We finish at the same time, he collapses on me, still buried inside me, moaning softly at every twitch and grip. "Daddy..." I whisper. He puts his finger to my lips and shushes me. "Daddy...." I whisper again.

He looks up at me, his forehead drenched in sweat, his eyes looking heavy. "What baby girl?" He whispers, his voice in a deep tone, full of contentment. He rubs my cheek and kisses my chin. "Are you hurting?"

I shake my head. "I want to say something..." My voice coming out in a whimper. He nods, acknowledging me. "Thank you for being you.." my eyes start to burn with tears, completely happy tears. 

"Thank you for being my little semen demon." He laughs softly and raises off me, laying next to me. He starts rubbing my body, sighing. "You really are so beautiful. I don't.." He stops short, bringing us back into the moment. Faced with everything weighing on us. 

"You don't what?" I roll on my side to look at him, curiously.

"I don't want to go see our friend.. That means we have to get up, shower, get dressed, and leave soon." He looks at his watch and I look at mine. I notice we're still 4 hours away from the destined time.

"It'll be a good break. I think your neighbors will be happy for the silence." I start laughing and he laughs as well. "We both got loud.." I feel myself blushing. 

"I seriously love how easy you blush..." He snuggles close to me. "I set an alarm so let's nap, baby girl. Daddy wants to feel you in my arms." I nod and snuggle close to him, breathing in our scents.


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