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Found me a lover
Talking oh so sweet
The smell of her perfume
Just knocked me off my feet

She whispered softly in my ear
Words my heart longed to hear
But the devil is in the details
She slung like a spear

Did GOD say this
Did GOD say that
Did HE promise you everything
You can tell me
Your everything
Your secrets safe with me

She found out my weakness
She stole it from my mind
She used my words against me
On this date and time

Hey there Delilah
Don’t cut my hair away
GOD said to grow it out
Or it will take my strength away

Oh Lord have mercy
Upon my foolish heart
Let there be salvation
Redemption for my part

Death and destruction
Were all she had in mind
But who was I to know
Death is all I’d find

Feel the chains surround me
Slave I have become
Freedom lost this time
Toward the lust I run

I lost what GOD gave me
This strength so sublime
A precious gift to my countrymen
To keep them safe inside

Oh Lord have mercy
On this foolish man
I ran with my flesh to sin
And fell into a trap this time

Let me have one last run
To set this whole thing straight
Let me bring these stones down on
The enemy at the gate

And here I give my last breath
To bring upon sins own death
I give my spirit up to my GOD
As I lay my life upon these rocks

Here lies a man who had everything
Who lost it all in the sting of sin
He asked for forgiveness for his sins
He found redemption in his GOD


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