Mister M Pt58 Read Count : 37

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Fantasy
I'm looking at my phone, waiting for him to call. I sent a text and he still hasn't answered. I text Jimin, he says that Yoongi is sleeping and he has a cold. 

I sigh and decide to call him. He answers with his sleepy voice. We chat for a few minutes then he starts coughing and sneezing. He talks about how he didn't give a good performance, but he told the audience he was sick. I just have an uneasy feeling and can't bring myself to tell him. We hang up and i curl up in our bed and try to sleep. 

I look at my phone and see it's 3am. I can't sleep. I send him a text, no answer. I send Jungkook a text, and he ends up calling me.

The Golden Maknae and i spend a couple hours talking about absolutely nothing, but laughing a lot. He talks about Yoongi being sick, but not wanting to cancel shows. My uneasy feeling increases. I ask the Maknae to check his temp and pulse and count his breaths. 

My worrying is calmed because his temp is a little higher, but nothing to panic about. I ask where they're going next, and it's Seoul. I jump out of bed and start pacing. We talk about uselessness and end up hanging up. 

Yoongi calls and starts asking questions and why Maknae and i were talking so long. Apparently, Jungkook woke Yoongi up to show him the call logs. Yoongi starts clicking and i notice it is a wet cough now. Nonproductive, wet cough that's getting worse in our office call. I panic, but he says there's nothing to worry about. I end up crying, and he finally agrees he'll go get check out 

News breaks out that Yoongi has pneumonia. I'm looking at him laying next to me, sleeping, and i keep checking his temp. He wakes up and smiles at me. I smile at him.

"You know. Vows say sickness or health. You have taken care of me both." He starts coughing and i give him more meds. He sighs and frowns. He says "You take vows serious."

"I mean it. I'm yours, nothing will come between us." I whisper and kiss his forehead.


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