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Careful!  You're not attending to your merchandise and someone else is eyeing it down.
Warning, you're spending your time sweetening other women while yours grows bitter all night.
She's not of iron, she's a person, it's really boring being left alone.
After everything is gone, I'll tell you it won't be her fault of what's done, 
her goal when leaving home was a new life.
You were the only man she ever loved, 
she took it for so long but reading old news is not fun.
People get tired of doing nothing, if you love her make her feel it,
remember that there's danger when bait is left unattended.
Listen carefully to what I'm saying, this game ends right here so think about what you're doing because she'll do the same.
She can no longer can stand this altruism,
if you still love her think it over & don't always leave her stuck at home, bc there's danger when the prey is left alone.

Warning, you're spending your time thinking you're so macho! while she's laughing at you.
Careful, any moment now the bomb will explode just look around you.
She's not of stone she's human, you always left her home and now she's gone.
Just parties and old tricks were being added to the list.
Now that everything is over, it wasn't her fault that she left; her goal when leaving home was, new husband.


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