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He's acting like a child said he videod me n turning me into my p.o.   he's the one who broke up with me but thought I'd never leave bc I have nowhere to go well I found out I do n it's hard I went to have a drink n he's here n I just read the text about him sending me to jail for two years. I'm just pretending he's blocked. The reason I went to jail is long during covid I was alone n got robbed by my ex over three times for tens of thousands my bf at time almost broke my shoulder I was getting off high dosage of prescription n I thought God n the devil were talking to me point blank. I couldn't sleep at all n started losing touch with reality I could tell u all the insane stuff I did but the cop thing was I thought I was going to see Jesus n got stuck in mud n couldn't get out n ppl started yelling so I bolted out n ran in the woods. I saw my jeep from a distant n my dead best friend said run to it you'll be safe n counted to three but I didn't run n I left my dog in there so I started running no clue where who I am n I saw a truck n God said the keys will be in it so I looked n they were n I took it I drove probably 30 seconds n cops slammed me on both sides which I got to pay for I was only going 5 mph. No need for that. I remember slamming my head up on passenger seat n getting slammed back to the driver's seat. I could open the door a lil n I was skinny bc I haven't ate from covid or seen my Drs n ran out n threw my arms up screaming I don't no wats going on I dunno who I am with there guns drawn on me. I ran bc to me they were demons all in black trying to hurt me. One caught me by my collar n said I'ma kill u bitch n that didn't help one bit terrified me so I jumped n took him 40 ft down an embankment then I bounced up from my ribs which crack n fell the rest of the 100-150 feet down n my ankle blew up like ten times it's size. It was insane. I thought someone was drowning n went in the water n got sucked under a rock n by God's grace on my last breathe I fought out from under it n crawled under a tree. I remember lights around me but I didn't no where or wat was going on so I sat there 4 hours n decided I got to climb the cliff n fuck that was hard. NOONE picked me up n I walked in a grocery store to ask for help the one lady was a bitch the other helped n guess who showed the cop who wanted to kill me I took the ambulance n 201 myself. N that's why I'm on probation parole. I had a psychotic break. N for someone to threaten to turn me in is beyond nasty. I never would of don't any of that in my right mind. Okay gotta go that's about 3-6 months after I met him. It caused me to b homeless abused n alot but that's nothing 


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