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Watched listen observed
Is how I was raised

I can tell your story your realness or fake
It's getting so old tiresome to me

Is it me or is life really this petty
Race religion bf n GFS life death all seems contagious

Pointless topics that get everyone nowhere
Why aren't we learning about spiritual life

Or auros or out of body experience just being brings with no limitations

Do you remember history science class? 
Bet you don't why r we trap ped in society's confirming wish

Imagine how advanced we could be
But we're learning Christopher Columbus n his other boats founded here, b.s. 3 boats back then made it here in one piece

If u look really look at history you'll see the first Americans and they weren't white but kinda dressed like Indians, they were African American
I only say that to show you history and school is all Brianwash and until we stand together we will die never knowing what the truth is1

1 percent of them against 99 percent of us
We stop working
Economy stops well downward perking

Until the 99 percent say it's enough
They won't bluff

Instead they will try to to us apart like with covid bc all races were friend

I had Lysol that said killed covid 19 if u need an example...î it was always here but funny it happened when races were together and the famous all got arrested

Oh then they wanted to dived white and black with the cops killing that poor black man. I think that was the only think besides covid that made it on the news but it didn't work...we stuck together n then wat? They let immigrants flood in. They don't want us close.it scares them. 
There's 99 you are 99 percent of America and , your scared of the1 percent?

People were getting so fred up the government said UFOs are real I knew that since 8 brainwashed with knowledge you'll never use ever in your state

We should be growing mentally spiritually

This ain't a poem more like a rant bc I been wanting the truth since i. Was born. 

And you might not like this but do your real history... Woman are suppose to rule wecreaten make life let me know if one of you been born without a woman. California is named California after the woman who ruled it with other woman. 

They even admit men say around the gospels and pitched wat they didn't want including Mary Magdalen gospel. Who was the right hand hand woman of Jesus and these are facts. They ever took out gospels of gruesome dealt n love too so u listen to man.



THEN COME TOGETHER AND GET THE TRUTH....IMAGINA ONE WEEK OR EVEN A MONTH OF Protest. No work being done everyone sharing food everyone at the White House until we get out answers

I don't want to do not knowing and u should open your mind and do your research and see all the lies and want the truth . Just because the Ellie and governmentand man want control

Salem with trails? Read about it there were to many woman and they were threatened and killed them. Just like the y his the gospels of what woman are really about and allot others not even about woman how can you believe in a book that a handful of men sat around n pick n choose wat goes in. 

I mean c'mon the governments said UFOs r real wweelll whose in them? Screw school this is what we should be taught

And so much more like the moon? Y r so many astronauts twin?  Y haven't we been back to the moon? Why do rockets explode when they hit the femermite like elun musk just tried? 

All I'm s1aying there millions of questions

There's 1 percent elite



I HAD 50,000 ppl willing to follow n get answered but I wanted a million n I was 23 at the time I'm 37 now n they took the platforme down


UHHH YOUR 99 PERCENT THEYLL PAY U Back if that. What you want or threaten not to go back and crash the economy more. 

The rants sucks I'm tired I'll rewrite it


  • Apr 14, 2024

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