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Every night I miss him, I can’t see him, but I need him, I look at the moon. That’s Nathan. I know that’s him because only the gorgeous moon could ever match his beauty. The moon never fade’s, the moon never dies, and to me neither will Nathan, he is eternal to my heart, and I will love him until forever ends.  Everything about the moon really does resemble Nathan, when the moon shines bright pride consumes my body. You know how all the flaws, all the little blemishes on the moon just make it prettier? Nathan is no different. Every inch of him is perfect, every pore, every follicle, every single cell, even if it’s imperfect. If you look close enough at Nathan he glows a little bit and sometimes you can almost see the halo at his head. I know he is an angel, I knew it before I saw it, just like the moon. When I’m alone I look up and see Nathan shining down on me and I try to reach up and touch him, I know one day I’ll be able to. One thing I love about the moon is that it brings me dreams about Nathan. My favourite dream is when we die on this earth and reunite together in heaven for all eternity. To get to heaven though we walk through the moon, the moon is the gate to heaven. I waited for Nathan even when he didn’t ask me to, I waited patiently under moonlight. So I promise you Nathan darling and the moon, I will be yours, forever until the end.


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