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Everything is HardCouldBeHarder. 
Worker. Wife. MomAndADaughter. 
Media. Food. AllOfIt’sFodder. 
Did I come off rude? ConstantlyBothered. Poorly Fathered. Praying for peace and having no time. Giving out pieces. Losing my mind. I searched for me but all I can find 
are pieces of people 
they left behind. 
Even in darkness they are my light
But where am I in all that shines?
I picture my presence as a burning blight. 
If that’s the case tell me why
Any of you stayed in my life. 
I know you’re tired of explaining. Reassuring. Defending your feelings towards me. The ones that are Just For Me. It’s just that I can’t see what you see. No matter how hard you love me. And for that I’m sorry. 


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