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She hoped against hope the sun would shine today. There are so many storms now that nothing grows.  There’s never enough time for anything but mud and sinkholes and death. Chels was close to it now. She had been for months. I pray to no one every night that she can glimpse a ray of sun and finally let go of this place. So I can finally let go of this place. Chels is my sister. Adopted when her parents died on the way through this land five years ago. My parents weren’t long after. We waited at first. A week? A month? No one came for us. We finished the food our parents had taken such care to haul despite its weight across miles of boggy wetlands. I could see the sickness growing on the only person I had left before I decided we had to try and move. I waited too long and now there’s no moving her without it being the end of her. So again, we wait. This time for her last day. 

It would be inappropriate to call the slight rise in wet earth a hill. Rather it was just a small space that had less water running over it. It was warm one the surface but the slick wetness still permeated everything. 

The body lay on the tarp she’d been using to slide her sister across the endless waste. Her sister. Her parents. Her aunt and uncle. Everything she’d ever known slipped away in an instant. There was nothing left of who she was. Nothing but the bog with little life beyond mosquitos. 

It felt like a nowhere place. Nothing belongs here. She cursed her parents for bringing them here. She hated them for leaving her here. Why couldn’t they take me with them wherever comes next. 

Even nothing would be better if I didn’t have to do it alone. 


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