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To better society? Well thats simple respect.  We should all learn to have some more fk respect. For if you didn’t know each and every person has their own shit, their own problems. You don’t have to pity them or act like their made of glass but also don’t just assume they are perfect. Because surprise surprise they are not. Not liking people or even hating them is normal. However is someone needs help why can’t you have the deceny to fucking help them? Just have a littke respect and ask how they are. Or atleast smile while they pass you. People fuck up a lot of shit i mean we are al just a bunch of stupid humans that think they are better than animals and other humans. Giving people a second change because you would want it to. Right? You would want someone to give you a second change, want them to forgive you. Underdstand you didn’t do it on purpose, understand you are sorry. That you didn’t mean to hurt them. Trusting and resoecting people is hard, especially since most of the time they are narsissistic assholes. Just talk to them there is always a change they might change. You don’t have to trust people the instant you meet them it takes time. 


  • Apr 03, 2024

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