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Just look around, do you already feel it? The disappointment, the judgement, the annoyance, the disrespect? Can you feel that your already being hated for how you breath, how you look, the way you talk, isn’t that normal? Apparently we make it normal, force people to accept the world like this. Force eachother to do the same. Throwing and pushing people down so you feel higher. So you stand taller, not because you worked so hard for stairs to stand on, you stand on other people their failures and insecurities. And then even more crazy it makes you feel better. Isn’t that a bit strange? A bit out of line? Arent we supposed to help each other? It would make life easier if we would just support each other. And not look at everyone and eachother like they are freaking rats. We treat other people like it’s their fault you are an unhappy loser. And honestly people are not always fun but always respect them. The only thing asked is a bit respect.


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