The Forest Behind The School Read Count : 23

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
It was a Friday afternoon and everyone was out of school. Me and my buddy's jackson and Isaiah were bored and found a peasant place in the woods, until me and my buddies heard a high pitched scream. We were in shock but decided to go and investigate. We spent over a hour in the woods until it was dark. When my friend Isaiah said something me and Jackson headed to where he was or where we thought. But right after he said something we heard another scream. Now me and Jack could not find Isaiah and we’re scared of are asses. 3 days later we found him but still wonder we’re he went that day and during the three days me and Jackson kept hearing voices out of nowhere so remember just be careful and stay together in the woods but stay away from woods behind schools because that was the worst night of my life. Just stay safe out there guys.


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